Saturday, July 30, 2005

How low can ya go?

Apparently this administration actually doesn't look at the polls. At 44%, with the lowest approval rating of his life, Will Bush finally realize he needs to change course? I doubt it, in fact he most likely will appoint John "got milk" Bolton under recess today. How low will his approval ratings go before they start paying attention to polls? During his radio address he had this to say:

"This past week has brought even more progress, with four major achievements. First, I signed into law a patient safety bill that will improve our health care system by reducing medical errors. Second, Congress came to an agreement on a highway bill that will improve safety, modernize our roads and bridges, and create jobs. Third, Congress passed the Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement. This historic agreement will reduce barriers to American goods, services and crops, and make our nation more secure by strengthening the young democracies in our neighborhood."

Progress? Sen. McCain trashed the highway bill on the Senate floor yesterday by pointing out all the pork it contained. And CAFTA...sigh, Bush wont be happy till we're all working at Wal-Mart! How low can ya go Bush?

UPDATE: O.K. Tim Russert just said it would most likely be Monday before Bolton's recess appointment would be made.


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